Thursday, 2 October 2008

Linda Nanuwil's new kadazan dusun album

Linda Nanuwil from Sabah is the first runner up of the reality tv show Akademi Fantasia Season 2. I like her because i feel she's very talented in singing and in making music. She released her first album "Jika Kau Kekasih" including hits song like Aku Cinta Kamu and Jika Kau Kekasih.

Another 2 pictures of her from magazine:

However, due to a severe injury on her throat, she could not promote her album further and has to stop singing in order to cure her throat. She took one year time to fully recover and then release a new album on her own record company entitled "Linda".

This album consists of Kadazan songs mostly written and composed by herself. Currently, she released her first single from the album entitled "Upus Tolidang". This is a song written by her and her father. It is a about a person who will be leaving his loved one forever and he let his loved one knows how sad he feel to have to leave her and he wishes that she will not cry because he has to leave and wishes her happiness in her life.

Linda wanted to perform and dedicate this song to her father during her album launch, however, her father passed away before the album launch. I think this is the reason why she sang it so emotionally during the album launch. Below is a clip of the performance. I love this song very much.

Here's a promo video clip of Upus Tolidang:

Anyhow, I haven't got the 2nd album yet.... AWWWW:(.. I have only listened to the promo version of her album. You can have a listen to the songs in my playlist. She released it in Sabah. I wish she'll release it here in KL very soon then i can get a copy.. haha.. Emmmm... I would like to wish her a great success in her career as i feel she deserves a better popularity and success compare to now.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Choir performance in Lim Kok Wing in conjunction with Independence Day

Before the final, we were invited to Lim Kok Wing to perform for the Karnival Merdeka. We were feel very honoured to perform there. We sang Bahtera Merdeka as well. There's nothing much happening there but it was a very grand event even with red carpet. Lim Kok Wing with a few other Dato were there for the event as well. Here are some pictures of the event:

The campus where the event was held:

The stage:

Hahaha... Kok Hau and I took a picture with the Beca while waiting for our turn to perform:

Look at these 2 beautiful ladiessss..... lol

A performer from other universiti doing some traditional dance:

Lim Kok Wing and other Dato....

Some of the choir member team with the hair design academy as the background.. haha

During the performance:

Lunch was provided as well by LKW.. This time with tables to eat unlike in Putrajaya.. lol

Anyhow, most of my team members have stomach ache and diarrhea after eating the food and we suspect it is the currypufffffs..... haha..
luckily i was not one of the victim..

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Choir Competition in Putrajaya

I joined the music club in first semester as i wanted to go for the guitar class. Unfortunately, the guitar classes clashed with my time table. Hmmm.... I thought I can neglect this club and don't attend any of the classes but i was then told that every member has to pay RM 100+ for the whole semester. Argghh.. Because of the expensive fee, i decided to join as many classes as possible. However, there are only 2 suitable classes for me which are choir and theory class while the rest of the classes are violin, piano and a chinese instrument (Don't know what's the name).

Hence, I joined the theory class and choir. Theory class was boring but choir was quite fun. We have class once a week and one day, we were shocked to know that we were registered for the choir competition in one month time as we were all new in choir. Due to the lack of time, we had many classes to practice for the competition in Putrajaya. We arrived at Putrajaya in the morning if I've not mistaken. We thought it was a lousy competition but when we reached there, we were shocked to see the venue. The place looks really cool.

Here's a picture of the auditorium:

This is the stage:

Lunch was provided but look at how we eat.... so cham!...

The choir team:
We sang Bahtera Merdeka without any hope to get a place in the final as the best choir team from UCSI chose the same song as well. We were so frigthtened after listening to their performance but we still do our best during our performance.

Here's the video of the performance:

When the host announced our team as one of the finalist, we went silence for a moment as we did not expect to get a place cause we were all very new and do not have any experienced. Anyhow, we were all very happy and excited to practice for the final in Universiti Tun Hussien Onn in Batu Pahat, Johor.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Where was i for the past 1 year??..

Many things happened for the last one year. Some were good and some were bad. As you know, life keep throwing things at you, hence i feel that i've learned a few things throughout the 1 year. 1 year time is a long time for anything to happen. Thus, I'm writing only on a few memorable one. (I know they're old memories and they happened 1 year ago but this is only for my personal interest)

So what did I do during the 1 year time?...
the history beginssss...... I'm only listing the things i've done here and for the next few post i'll be writing on these few tripsss...

Choir competition in Putrajaya
(We got chosen for the final!!!.. Yay!!)

Choir performance in Lim Kok Wing
(We were invited by LKW to perform for the karnival merdeka)

Final in Universiti Tun Hussien Onn
(We lost.... argghh.. lol)

Outing with friends for the 8tv mooncake festival roadshow in Times Square
(We saw lots of celebrities!!)

A visit to KLCC skybridge!!

26 - 28/04/2008
Penang trip with classmates

anddd the latest 1...

Trip to Putrajaya for the fireworks competition..

There were many more things but these were the few memorable one that i have gone through for the 1 year period. I'll be writing on the choir competition in my next post.

I'm back!!!!!..... & It's my B'day!!.. Happ"ill" birthday to me....

It's been a long long time i've not blogged (a year plus... dat'z longggggg).. I'm back again this time to blog and i'm making a comeback (alaaahh... u think u Britney Spears ar?.. lol)... I wouldn't have noticed dat if i have not viewed my blog today. So now I'm having a 3 months semester break and i feel it's the right time to spend time writting more in my blog bout my lifeeee.....

By the way, it was my birthday on the 27th and sadly i fell ill dat day... sooo illll.... arrgghhh... fortunately, i celebrated my birthday with bunch of friends few days before my birthday and had a great time with them! I went Mid valley for movie (The Love Guru), it was quite nice although it has many stupid scenes.. haha.. But before that, we had our dinner at Mc donald. we planned to have it in kenny rogers but the queue was so damn long and then we decided to have carl's junior. however, there was no tables left because it was the time for buka puasa.. haizzz.. den we move next door to Mc donald....... by the way, the stage design for megamall is very nice.. u guys should have a visit there if u have the chance.. here are some pics of it..

Kampung Styleeee...

And today, my dad took my family members and i to Manhattan Fishmarket as a dinner for my birthday. Although i was ill but i felt really happy as i get to celebrate my birthday with my family members... It's getting late... nitezzzz... sick d still duwan to sleep earlyyy...