Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The choir finale in Universiti Tun Hussien Onn, Johor

Our choir team felt so happy to be able to compete in the final in Johor. The journey took about 5 hours if am not mistaken. The competition was held in the Universiti Tun Hussien Onn's hall. The campus is very nice and huge. Here's a pic of the entrance :

This is the hall before decoration: (quite grand ya?.. haha)

However, we were so sad and dissapointed with the hostel provided. Look at the room: (so creepy and haunted)

This is even worse....... The toilet... (No lights and no water supply)... arghhh

And look at this, the scarriest thing i've ever seen.... Look at those pillowssss....How to sleep on that rottened pillow???...

I really don't know which type of human stayed here before. Yucckkkyy... I wonder how long the room has not been occupied... Okay, back to the story... some of the girls almost cried after seeing the room.. haha.. All of us requested to stay in the hotel. After discussion with the person in charge, we moved out to look for a hotel. So this is what we found..... This is the pic of the hotel taken in the morning:

I know i know, it looks like some kilang ya?.. haha.. Don't look down at it k.. Let's compare with the hostel first... Here's the reception counter and the room....

Hahaha... much better than the hostel rite?... haha.. But this was how we sleep:

Hahah... We were satisfied even we have to sleep like that or else we have to sleep in the hostel... After the long search for the room, we went out for dinner. There are so little or almost no shoplots in batu pahat... hmm.. We ended up eating in a "25" hour mamak... haha.. I don't know where they are going to find an extra hour to operate their shop. One more weird thing is the egg they sell.. It is black in colour. Anyone has any idea what egg is that?.. or how they cooked it?.. hmmm.. weird shop, operates for 25 hour and sells black eggs.. haha..

In the morning of the competition day, we have to eat breakfast outside as it is not provided by the hotel as the hotel does not have its own restuarant... haha.. So we went opposite the hotel to Kedai Kopi Sin Hin to eat.. so kesiann... haha.. Nice shop ya?... lol

For our lunch, we have it in Batu Pahat Mall (the only nice place in Batu Pahat.. lol).. Pic of me with my group members:

We then had our final preparation the in bus before the performance. Here's the pic of my team during the performance and a clip of the performance after the pic:

I'm happy that my team did quite good during performance but other team were much better. We did not win and we got only sijil penyertaan.. haha..

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fun Fair In Bukit Tinggi

Hey.. There's a fun fair in bukit tinggi, opposite jusco. There are lots of rides and games over there but all the rides are expensive. There is an entrance fee of RM3 and each ride will cost you either 4, 6 or 8 bucks depending on the types of ride. Even the ferris wheel and merry go round cost RM4...

They have a few rides which we are familiar with, like the swinging chair in Genting, a smaller space shot and roller coaster.. haha.. and two 360 degree ride (Don't know what they call them but both the rides spin 360 degree).. Besides that, they even have bumper cars.. The fun fair now is so different compared to those we have those days. There are so many exciting rides and everything is so expensive. The Ferris wheel and the not so tall space shot:

The horror house:

I went there with my family last Sunday. There were lots of people. We looked around to see which ride we wanna play. At the end, we chose to play the more than 180 degree ride which they call it the "Challenger" as we have not been on that ride before. It cost Rm8 for the ride.
Here's a pic of the ride:

The swinging chair:

We were so excited and scared at the same time when we were queing. My younger brother changed his mind to not sit this ride as he was too scared... haha... The ride was really exciting and scary.... My siblings and i were screaming and shouting throughout the ride until one point where the ride moved up higher than 180 degree, everyone on the ride silent.. haha.. dunno why (maybe no energy due to the early screaming or too scared.. lol)

Melanie C is pregnant

Melanie C from the Spice Girls is the last member of the group to become a mom. She's my idol.. haha.. i love her music really much.. can't wait for her fifth album.. she came to malaysia in year 2000 and 2005 with her first and third album.. I hope she'll come to malaysia with her fifth album.. Here are some latest pix of her:

Her first TV appearance ever since she was pregnant:
Here's a video of the interview about spice girls reunion and about her baby: