Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Deepavali Trip - Sungkai Hotspring in Perak

26/10/2008 - My family and I went for a trip to the Sungkai Hotspring in Perak. I guess most of you have not heard of this place before ya??.. So do I. My sister who has been there before recommend us to go there as this place is a nice place to relax, not too crowded and it is beautifully renovated. We have not been for a trip for quite a long time as a family, so my siblings and I were very excited although it was only a one day trip.

We left house at 9am for Bah Kut Teh as breakfast.. haha.. heavy breakfast.. Unfortunately, the Bah Kut Teh at the shop we went to at Taman Rahsna were sold out as early as 9am...... Scary Klang folk... don't know what time they wake up to eat Bah Kut Teh.. So we went to another nearby shop, also with lots of people.

After breakfast, we continue our journey to Sungkai, Perak. We were surprised when we reached there as there were many many many people, unlike what my sister said.. she was shocked too... Maybe it was due to the public holiday that caused the huge amount of people.. However, the place was really beautiful. Wanna have a look??.. haha... Here's the big octopus slide at the swimming pool.. the water supply for the pool is from a nearby waterfall..

Nice ya?.. looks really real.. Didn't expect such rural area to have such nice place.. There are lots of hot spring there with different temperature. Some are very hot, more than 100 Celcius i think (of course we're not allowed to go into the 100 degree water or not we'll get cooked there.. haha) while the rest of the hotspring are at lower temperature, around 30 - 50 degree celcius.

This is the hot 1, around 50 celcius.. can't even put my legs in for 1 minute... it was sooooo hot.. and the picture below is the 30 celcius hotspring.

After the hotspring, we continue our journey to Bidor to but fruits, biscuit and the famous petai. Lots of petai over there. Later on, we went North to Ipoh and had the famous beansprout chicken. We always go for the tauge chicken at Onn Kee as the Lou Wong shop was close every time we go to Ipoh. But this time, it was open when we were there so we managed to try the chicken and kuey tiow and it taste even better than Onn Kee Restaurant. Slurrrpppp.. Can't wait to go back there again... This is the Lou Wong Restaurant:

After that, we went to a nearby shop to buy some biscuits. They have variety types of biscuits. Look at those cute biscuitss... hehe... :

They have almost all the chinese zodiac except for mine which is the Dragon. I guess it is too difficult to be made and thus they make a dinasour instead of Dragon.. haha.. Lastly before we head our journey back to Klang, we stopped by at the famous soya bean store in Ipoh as well.. It used to be a small and old shop before they shifted here. I prefer their old shop as they provide a drive through service where you stop beside their shop and a guy will come to you to take your order, much more convenient compare to this shop.