Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ole-Ole Bali

Look at the lightss... Do u have a feeling as if you're doing spa in Bali?.. haha.. nah.. Last week my sis spent us to eat at
Ole-Ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid. Nothing much to talk bout this place but it is a very beautiful place with very delicious food. My younger sis and i have snapped a few photos of the surrounding as it looks really nice. Here are the pics:

This is the entrance inside the mall:

These are the interior of the restaurant:

Now, let's see what they have in their menu... We ordered 3 dishes of food to share among 4 of us as the food is of a very big portion. I've forgotten their names but i know there's a dish with kambing, another 1 with rice and chicken and the last 1 is with squids, grilled fish and satay.

This is the
kambing rice. The mutton taste different from the one we've eaten in mamak. it's very nice... yum yummmm..

This is the
rice with chicken and prawn. It taste good as well except for the keropok. haha..

This is my favourite, a
combo with squids, grilled fish and satay with sirih as the stick.. haha.. The satay is very special as it uses sirih as the stick to hold the meat and at the same time it provides a good combination of taste with the meat... Slurrrppp... really feel like going back to eat more!!..

You guys should try their food if you have the chance. Trust me, it's really good. Remember to call me ya if you're going there.. haha.. By the way, the lime barli taste good too!!.. lol