Sunday, 14 December 2008

Me... Bored?.. Demotivated?.. Depressed?..

Uni is starting one more month from now. I'm excited to go back to school again after a long break although i do not quite like university's life where we have to face with lots of tests and assignments which will all cause us to be stressful. So what have i been doing for the past 2 months and what will I do in this last month of break?..

I've always been thinking whether i have wasted my time all these while during my break sitting at home while most of my friends are all up for industrial training. I was upset because i did not get a place for internship as i was insisting to get a place in klang and it was too late when i realized that there are place for internship in PJ. So what have each of my friends learned during the training that i will never get to learn until i work next time?.. Felt so sad everytime i think about that as i feel that the training will be important as a working experience when i'm looking for job next time. All these matters demotivated me during the past 2 months.. hmmmm..

I still feel demotivated right now but uni is reopening soon so i hope i can find myself back when i'm back to uni next year. Errmm... In order not to get more demotivated, i looked for a job as a part timer for an event in Aeon Bukit Tinggi. It's an event by Mastercard for the Malaysia Saving's Sales. All i have to do is to write down the customers name, card num, ic, phone num, and the amount they spent and lastly give the customer a set of gift. It is an easy task to do but it's really boring to have to sit there for 10 hours with only 10+ customers per day as for weekdays, meaning that there's only an average of 1 customer per hour. Imagine, sitting all alone staring at all the shoppers for an hour to wait for 1 customer to approach you and doing the same thing for the remaining 9 hours.

However, it was quite fun to see some customers reaction when they receive the gifts (the gift is a packet of snacks and a small snowman doll).. Everyone was expecting a large/good gift as this event is organised by Mastercard. However, most of the customers were disappointed when they received the gifts.

Some said " Huh!.. like this only ar??"..

Some said "huh?.. i come all the way to get this?".. haha..

Can't blame them la as the gifts are a little too "cheap".. Other malls also have this event but their gifts are better. Sunway Pyramid gets a pendrive. Pavilion gets notebook. And all the klang folks..... you only get a snack and a tiny doll... haha.. I feel that Mastercard should not organise this event in Aeon Bukit Tinggi if the gifts are of this quality. Not to say that they are of too bad quality, but it seems like customers were more disappointed and they feel cheated rather than feeling that they are being appreciated. My personal feedback is that Mastercard should provide better gifts if there are more of this event in future as everyone expected more from Mastercard.

Hmmm.. hope to feel motivated again once i get back to school... :(