Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New year, new semester, new life

After such a long semester break and demotivation, and after 2 weeks in new semester, i'm wondering and afraid if i can cope with the studies and stress. New subjects are even tougher than before and there are many lab reports to be done. Sigh..

Within these 2 weeks, i have spent lots of money for outing with a reason that following weeks will be busy so enjoy now before we're busy.. haha.. i guess the reason for me to go out is to avoid studying.. hmmm... i hope things will get better after chinese new year!!..

ermm... talking bout chinese new year, i thought of the new year clothes i bought... arggghhh... i dare not wear a set of clothes i bought... i'm gonna leave it in the cupboard 4eva i think.. haha... waste money only.. i feel it's ugly and i do not know why 1 buy it.. hmmm.. sad..

anyhow, wish this chinese new year will be a really good 1 for my family and friends..