Thursday, 19 November 2009

It has been almost one year!!

It has been almost one year since my last post.. why am i so lazy to blog?..
hmm.. well, many things happened throughout the years.. exams, buffet lunch at Tenji with classmates and supper with family, my 21st birthday celebration, trip with classmates to Cameron Highlands and many more but i DID NOT post anything bout it.. let's hope i will be able to remember these meaningful events forever..

hmm.. so what am I up to lately?.. Currently, focusing on my final year project in my 3 months break and doing a part time job in Batu Caves during the weekends selling houses.. haha.. The part time job was quite fun though.. What i like about the job is that i'm able to meet different types of people and learn bit new terms used in describing property.. and of course be able to earn some $$$.. haha..

What i dislike about the job is the scheme for loans... argghh.. they are so confusing and complicated..

One more thing, I feel I've been cursed as I've never earned more than RM700 whenever i work as a part timer.. Hopefully this time I can break the curse and earn more than RM700!!.. haha..

-To my sis who is having her SPM, GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST IN THE EXAM!!-