Friday, 4 December 2009


No.. Not that buffalo (animal), I'm referring to a external hard disk brand.. haha.. Yay yay!!.. Finally got myself a new external hard disk by Buffalo.. It's called Buffalo mini station lite with 320GB capacity, 3 inches in size.. What i like most bout this hard disk is its black glossy surface.. it looks cool.. haha.. Bought it at Low Yat for RM219.. Here's a pic of it..

To protect its glossy surface, I bought a pouch for it... haha.. It's a leather pouch and it cost another RM20.. I choose black to suit its blackiness/coolness... haha..

Both of them look quite match ya?.. haha.. Really glad to have these after suffering from a lack of storage space in my lappy for quite some time..

I bought this hard disk with the money i earned from my part time job.. It's quite an interesting job.. I will write more bout the job in my next post..

---- Interrupt--- haha.. I finally killed "that" cockroach in my cabinet when i was looking for the hard disk box!!!!!.... I've noticed that this particular cockroach has been in the cabinet for few days due to the smell it produced... arghh.. stinkss.. Finally i've found and killed it.. haha.. RIP cockroach after being hit several times with a box.. hahaha..