Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Part time job in Taman Raintree Batu Caves

The 7th of November was the first day I work at the Taman Raintree site in Batu Caves. So what is my job all about?.. What I need to do is to sell property which is the Semarak and Penaga condominium.. I do not have any experience in this field, so it was kind of scary when I think of how I should talk with customers or persuade them to buy the condo..

But of course we were briefed on the specifications of the condominium like the number of rooms and bathroom, the size of the unit, number of floors, how many units in each floor, number of total carparks in total.. arghhh.. many things.. haha.. It was difficult to remember so much information at the beginning, but once I start to serve customers, I memorise and get use with all the terms at the same time...

There were several new terms I learned like skim coat, cemboard and tandem carpark.. Skim coat is a coated concrete ceiling, while cemboard is the normal ceiling board.. As for tandem carpark, it is a carpark lot which allows two car to park back and front.. I find this job quite interesting as I get to learn new things.. ermm.. This prove that living is a learning process where you get to learn new things at all time no matter where and who you are..

Here are some artist impression of the proposed condominium..

The Entrance

The Garden

The Clubhouse

And here are the interior of the show house:

The living room (I don't know why but it looks sligthly different from the exact show unit at Batu Caves)

Kitchen & Dining Area


I was ordered to inspect this show house during the launching. There were many visitors during the launching and many of them brought their kids as well.. As you know, kids are always playful, so I have to follow them and spy on them so that they don't touch or break anything.. When I was in the master room, other kids are jumping on the bed in the other room.. haha.. Some of them sat at the dining area and play with the fork and spoon, glass, plates. haizz.. Very playful kids..

These are the miniature model of the condominium, I snapped these pics when I was at the road show (I don't know if this is prohibited, but i'm still going to show them).. haha

One kid asked me.. bang, yang ni hotel ke rumah?.. haha.. so cute.. yang ni pokok?.. haha..

This is the
46,000 sqft clubhouse with swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, surau, multipurpose hall.I briefed a malay lady on the facilities we have, when she acknowledge that the residence need to pay quite much for the maintanence, she said.. wah.. banyak tu, kena jacuzzi banyak banyak kali.. haha.. funny..

Here's the booth at Carrefour Wangsa Maju where I work at sometimes.. (Working place is not fixed)

Here's the map to the site to view the show house..
Interested to purchase a unit?.. haha.. or if there's any queries, do text me in the comment box..

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Guess what I'm doing now?

Ermm... i'm studying.. yeah, i'm studying during semester break.. haha.. I'm actually studying SPM chemistry.. haha.. My younger sis will be sitting for her chemistry paper on the coming tuesday which is her last paper.. As a bro / someone who is taking a degree in chemistry, haha.. i feel i should guide my sis and prepare her for the examination..

The syllabus is in English.. Back then, it was in Bahasa Melayu when I was in form 4 and 5.. I strongly agree that all the sciences subjects should be taught in English because all the syllabus in college or university will be taught in English, so why teach in BM and cause the students to have difficulties in their diploma or degree level..

So i've studied few chapters like electrochemistry, acids and bases, salts and carbon compounds.. With the chemistry knowledge I have now after 3 years in degree.. haha.. i found that these syllabus are not too hard to understand and why do I have difficulties to understand certain chapters during secondary school time.. haha.. and with the extra knowledge I have, I finally realized the purpose of certain experiments that I've done and studied during secondary school period.. haha..

Ermm.. Let's hope that I'm able to prepare my sis well enough to sit for her examination and to get an A+.. :)