Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The QQ Rings

What comes to your mind when you hear QQ Rings?.. Wedding rings?.. Rings that look like a Q shape?.. They are actually doughnuts made from a combination of many balls.. hmm?.. Can you picture how they look like?.. haha.. You'll be able to see how they look like in the pictures below..

The QQ Rings in Mid Valley Megamall offers variety of flavours. Most of the flavours are the same as those in Big Apple doughnuts. I do not know what's the name of each flavour as my parents were the one who bought the doughnuts for my siblings and I.. And also because I couldn't find any information from the net but I believe it's originated from Japan as there is some Japanese words on the box of the doughnuts... or should I call it rings?.. Is there any difference?.. haha..

The rings were delicious. They have chewy texture unlike Big Apple doughnuts which is softer.. You won't stop eating it after your first bite.. Yum yummm... haha.. I personally like the oreo flavour.. Here are some pics:

(Mind the shape of the rings.. some of the rings are long and not round because the box of rings dropped to the floor when it was being transported home.. so it's a bit out of shape)

Here's the oreo flavour ring. Looks similar to those in Big Apple ya?..

Ermm.. I don't know their names but that's not important as the name doesn't describe anything.. haha.. So this is the ring with chocolate and some peanuts for the topping.. This one is quite tasty as well.. :)

This is the ring with chocolate and corn flakes topping..

Chocolate topping with don't know what is it called "thing" on top of the chocolate spread.. haha..

Chocolate again?.. haha.. ya.. chocolate with some white chocolate for decoration.. This one taste very good as well.. I like the creamy texture of the chocolate, it's not those oily chocolate..

Ermm.. yum yumm.. missed these rings.. Will surely make a visit to this shop again the next time I go to Megamall.. I don't know if you guys will like this, but at least it's something new and it's worth a try..

I don't know the price and where the shop is located as well.. (ya, i know almost nothing bout this ring except the outlook and taste of these rings... only know how to eat.. haha).. So you have to browse for the shop.. I will make sure i remember the location and hopefully the names of the rings the next time I go there..