Saturday, 2 January 2010

Adam Lambert's new album + Some Art Production

Who's this artist?.. He's Adam Lambert from American Idol if you don't know him..

Shocked to see his album cover?.. haha.. I was shocked when I saw the album cover for the first time as he looks a little like Boy George.. The cover looks gay to me.. Although he is gay, you shouldn't underestimate or look down on him.. You should have a listen to all his songs from his new album, For Your Entertainment.. Some songs were really great!!.. I don't think there's any other male singer who can sing as high as he does.. Some of my favourites are Music Again, Whataya Want From Me, Sure Fire Winner, Aftermath, Fever, Pick U Up, Time For Miracles (OST for 2012 movie) and If I Had You..

Whataya Want From Me.. My favourite of the favourites.. haha..

Sure Fire Winner.. Superb..

My brother loves his songs so much that he could repeat the album for more than 10 times a day.. The songs keep repeating in my head even when I was sleeping.. haha.. He asked me to produce a CD cover for him.. Not printing, but to draw and colour.. haha.. Since I have free time (not so free actually, just escaping from reading all the journals for my thesis.. haha..), I drew and colour a human face for the very first time.. I've never drawn a person's face in detail like this before. so I trieddddd and this is the outcome.. haha..

Not too nice, but I've tried my best.. It looks quite alike when you have a quick glance.. Looks weird when you look in detail.. haha.. Mind the quality as I coloured it with colour pencils and limited choices of colours.. My fingers sore after colouring for hours... Ermmm... Quite happy with the outcome but it still doesn't look much like him.. haha.. The picture looks better in real and not so good when I snapped it and open it with com.. dunno why..

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Ermm.. Not praising myself, I'm only good in colouring and quite bad at drawing actually.. Thus, Adam's chin becomes crooked and his face becomes slimmer in the picture.. haha.. Hope I can improve in my drawing..

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 & Genting Trip with secondary schoolmates

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010!!.. Happy New Year!!!.. and Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!... Celebrated my mom's birthday at a chinese restaurant yesterday with my family members.. Really glad that my mom enjoyed it much..

Ermmm.... 2010

What do I wish to achieve in year 2010?

- Get better grades in studies for my last semester

- Be able to get a good job after I graduate and have good careers ahead

- Have a great graduation trip (preferably overseas.. haha)

- Gain around 3-5 more kg… (hopefully muscles, NOT fats).. hahaha..

- Be more independent and more motivated to learn new things

- And many moreeeeee….

Ermmm.. one more…. Go back genting and win back my RM50 I lost in the casino last few days.. haizzz….

Moneyyyy...... Don't fly.... hmmmm.. RM50 flew for nothing..

And of course to win additional money.. hahahaha.. Went Genting for a one day trip on the 29th with my secondary schoolmates for jalan-jalan and gamble.. As I’ve only turned 21 this year and has not been into the casino before, so I joined them to the casino..

So how does the casino look like?.. Went to the one in Highlands Hotel, quite classy with few gigantic chandeliers.. Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of people even though it is during the weekdays.. One thing that I don’t like about the place is that smoking is allowed there.. The place was so stuffy with smokes and I was wondering how the workers and croupiers survive in there being a second hand smoker..

I looked around the casino for games with minimum bet of RM5.. haha.. I played a few games like the Three Kings and few more, I don’t know remember the name.. I won at the beginning but later start losing little by little till I lose all my RM50.. ARgghhh… I thought first timer should be very lucky and can win some money?... hmmm.. anyhow, it was a nice experience in the casino..

Here are some pics with my friends.. KY, JH and ST(I guess they don't want to be named here)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I like it so much I made a second review

Haha..Ya.. I watched avatar once again but this time in 3D.. The experience was wonderful although the screen was a bit small.. Would love to watch it in IMAX theatre with 5-stories high screen but unfortunately it is already closed. The excitement was different from when I watched it the first time, probably because I already knew the plot of the film which made it less exciting. Anyhow, the feel in the movie was still there.. I love how the plot in the film changes our feelings as the plots build up..

I don’t know how much you will like this film.. I remember studying a topic in Interpersonal Communication subject that how much you like a movie depends on the mood you are in when you watch the movie and how much the movie relates to your personal life.. For instance, if you are in a bad mood, you will find that the movie is not good even though it’s the best film ever made.. Or let say you watch the movie Confession of a Shoppaholic when you yourself don’t even love to do shopping, do you think you will like that film?.. haha..

I realized that I like this film so much mainly because of Jake Sully’s characteristics and certain other factors. After watching the film, I started questioning myself whether I

  • Will be as brave as him to carry a huge responsibility?
  • Will be able to adapt to the new environment with such determination?
  • Will be able to make huge decisions with confidence like him?

These are actually few of my concerns after I graduate as it will be the time to make a huge decision to choose a pathway that will determine the future of my life. Hmmm… So lost, So lost… Let’s not think too much bout that..

Only 1 day away from 2010.. What are my new year resolutions?.. (Next post as this post is quite long)

Monday, 28 December 2009

Melaka Trip with Family (26 & 27 December 2009)

Visited Melaka/Malacca on 26th and 27th of Dec with my family.. This time was for the food instead of visiting the historical places which has always been the same.. haha.. We stayed in Naza Talyya Hotel for one night.. The hotel was ok.. Maybe a 3 star?.. I tried to book for a hotel two weeks in advance before our trip there but almost all the hotels were fully booked including those expensive hotels which cost RM500 plus per night.. Fortunately, I managed to find this Naza Talyya which looked quite ok from the picture.. haha.. Found out that the hotel has just undergone refurbishment and thus been rename to Naza Talyya from previously known Naza Hotel.. The word Talyya was chosen because it means "bloom" in Arabic which I felt represents the renovation and changes that could bring positive changes for the hotel..

On the first day, we reached Melaka at around 12 if I have not mistaken.. We wanted to check in to the hotel but were told that the room is not ready yet, so my dad decided to bring us around the town before coming back to the hotel.. We went to Jonker Street for the "Famous" chicken rice ball.. haha.. Not so nice after all.. But the queue was terribly long for the well known chicken rice ball shop..

We have actually just visited Melaka not long ago but it was a mixture of visiting places and eating.. We had the most well known chicken rice ball after a long one hour queue.. haizz.. were disappointed with the food.. maybe our expectation were too high as there were really many who queued up under the hot sun, so we thought it must be something so good that makes people willing to queue for it.. Anyhow, we came back again this time and decided to try other shops.. However, it did not taste any better than that we have tried.. haha.. Maybe we went to the wrong shop.. Here are some pics of the chicken rice ball..

The Jonker Street

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

After our lunch, we looked around and shopped for some items at Jonker Street.. The Tao Sah Piah.. (I don't know what it is called in English.. haha..) taste really good.. The name of the shop is Tian Hup Seng if I'm not wrong..

After that we went back to the hotel to check in and have a rest before our dinner.. At 6, we went back to the town to have some half-boiled cockles, clams and cuttlefish with kangkung.. Ermmm... The place was really interesting as people dine at low chairs and tables at the backyard.. The place was quite dirty.. arghh.. but the food was clean (hopefully).. haha.. but I think it should be clean as we're still very alright after having the food there.. haha.. The food were good there although they are just some simple food.. The sauce were delicious.. yummy.. Here are some pics of the place and the food.. Don't puke after seeing the place.. haha.. actually there's a gross pic I feel I shouldn't post here or else...... you know what.. haha..

The not so romantic Backyard...

Look how low people are sitting

The cockles and clams and the inventor of the sauce in the upper pic (The old uncle)

After the clams and cockles, we went for some snacks and delicacies.. I don't know if we can get it here in Klang or KL but this is the first time I tasted it and it's nice.. The fruit tasted good with the honey spread-ed on it..

There's also this siu mai at Jonker Street pasar malam.. Nothing special but they sell it at a cheap price.. 7 siu mai(s) for only RM3.. They tasted nice as well.. And there's also durian apam balik which was also nice..

Various flavours of siu maisss.. haha

Next, we headed for the Famous satay celup at the most popular shop for satay celup for tourists and maybe for locals as well.. The queue was super long again.. i hate to eat at those famous shop as we need to queue up for so long but what to do?.. When something is famous of course you want to try it.. so we ended up queuing again.. But this time was better as the satay celup were quite nice.. It's just something like the lok lok or the steamboat but the soup is the satay gravvy..

Look at the queue

Restoran Capitol Satay Celup

After the very heavy dinner, we headed back to the hotel and had a good rest.. On the next morning, we checked out and head back to Jonker Street for the Famous asam laksa.. (ya.. everything is Famous in Melaka.. haha).. We have to queue "again"... arghh..... There are many "versions" of asam laksa. haha.. or made up of different ingredients.. This version of asam laksa belongs to the nyonya and it's slightly different from the penang asam laksa that I like but it tasted good as well..

The famous asam laksa shop at Jonker Street with the queue..

We headed back to kl after our lunch and got stuck in the traffic for almost 2 hours because it was during the festive season.. hmm.. although the trip was tiring with much walking especially when it was under the hot sun, it was a memorable one and I enjoyed it much.. Melaka is fun, let's hope the heritage will be preserved well..