Friday, 30 July 2010

I'm employed!!..

I'm finally employed. Will officially start work on 2nd of August. Really excited and nervous bout it as I do not know what to expect on the very first day. Anyhow, I was asked to join the company for a trip to Jeram Besu in Pahang for a team building session for 2 days 1 night on 31st of July which is tomorrow....

Nervous ohhhhh..... I do not know anyone yet and have to join them for the trip. Feel really weird.... Furthermore, I've not even started working yet and will be there to play and have fun before hand.. haha.. Anyhow, I appreciate that very much as this would give me an opportunity to know all of them at one time..

Will be back on Sunday.. See if I could take some photos then will blog bout it.. The place looks quite adventurous from the google search on Jeram Besu..

Monday, 26 July 2010

Proper communication is the key to a good relationship

A proper communication refers to the interaction between two people where both fully understand what one was saying and give an honest response. Not just by merely listening and give a less satisfactory answer. Due to the distraction in the environment and due to the stress each person has, one has failed to concentrate and fully understand what the others was saying and thus leading to a less effective communication.

Besides that, people tend to judge you and by that first impression they have on you, they'll talk to you differently than to other person. For instance, if appearance is something that a person consider before making friends and they find you less attractive, they'll tend to talk to you lesser or I would say in a bad way. If anyone of you has experienced this before, I would suggest you not to continue communicating with that person. There are lots more nourishing people out there, why throw yourself to noxious people like them which would hurt you and make you feel bad about yourself. This is another example of bad communication. And one more thing, stop being sarcastic. It's not funny... Be sarcastic only when someone try to shoot you directly.

In order to have a good communication, listen when others talk to you. Listen and not just hearing. Listen and fully understand what they mean and give a good response. And of course, it takes two to make a communication successful. The response should be received by the sender of the message and he or she should give a response in return and this is how communication continues. I should always practice this as well although it's something not too easy to do.. haha..

But it's a fact that with proper communication, a good relationship could be established.
Imagine friends who don't talk to each other when they go out together, are they friends??..

Imagine family members who don't talk to each other, there must be some problem there and something should be done..

Monday, 19 July 2010

Linda Nanuwil - Biarkan

New single from Linda Nanuwil : Biarkan.. I can't stop listening to this song.. It's really nice.. Sad to what happened to her.. Lyrics of this songs is about the problems that she faced for the past years in which both her parents passed away..

Here's the link to the song:

Wish that she can be successful with the coming album!!!!........ She deserves more popularity and attention from the public with her credibility..

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1 month plus after exam... That was quick!!..

11th of May 2010 was the day I anticipated for so badly as it was the last day of examination!!... I got so busy right after the exam at 4pm.. I remembered each and every moment after that as I was so excited about how life is without exams.. haha.. Well, after my exam at 4pm, I rushed back home with my friends to pack my stuff to be transported back home with my dad's help..

3 of my friends followed me back on the same day and since they come from different places, Kuala Selangor, Teluk Intan, Perak and Sibu, Sarawak, I decided to bring them to Telok Gong to have some seafood.. On the next day, we had the famous Klang Bah Kut Teh for breakfast and later shop and had lunch at Jusco.. It was a really tiring (after some sleepless nights during exam) trip... hmmmm... but enjoyable...

On the 13th of May, went to my friend's house in KL to stay overnight and on the 14 and 15 were in Genting for a class trip... We stayed in the World Club room for the first time and the room was quite huge.. The trip was fun.. But got to know from my friend that a bunch of my close friends start to gossip about a friend of mine in that bunch of friends we always mix together.. hmm.. Was surprised to know that..

One day after I came back from Genting which is on the 16, I went to KL sentral to my air ticket changed.. Was supposedly to go Bangkok but due to the crisis over there, we decided not to go there and the change to other destination.. My friend and I were there dealing with this matter for 5 hours... hmmmmmmmm...

And on the same day, at night, we went on another trip with classmates to Redang Island.. It was a 3 days 2 nights trip until 19.. The trip was quite enjoyable and it will be a memorable one as it was the last trip I had with some of my friends who went back hometown after the trip and we would probably never meet again..

On the 21st, I departed to Jakarta for my graduation trip.. :)
I'll be writing more bout it on the next post..

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dinner At Boston Restaurant, Aeon Bukit Tinggi

Celebrated my younger bro's birthday at Boston Restaurant... Happy Birthday Bro!!.. This is the first time I have been there.. I have no idea on what the restaurant will offer.. My parents have been there before and they told me that it's a restaurant offering steamboat and some other food.. The restaurant were usually quiet and we thought the food will be normal or bad in taste.. Surprisingly, the food were good.. We chose the set for 6 and we get to choose the soup we want with the addition of RM1 for each person.. So we chose tom yam, hot and spicy and herbal soup..

What is so special bout this restaurant which offers steamboat?.. Each of us gets our own pot where we can cook on our own.. The soup you asked for are freshly made.. And the ingredients were fresh.. The toufu were so smooth that you can't describe.. haha.. The chicken slices were nice as well and I liked the fishball with meat.. Here are some pics:

We were given the usual soup initially, so this the tom yam I asked for.. I have to mix it into the soup to prepare the tom yam soup..

Here's the result.. haha.. It tasted really good from the fresh ingredient...

Each of us has our own pot in which we can adjust the heat at the side of the table..

The set comes with fried popiah and....

Fried wantan which tasted alright.. Forgot to snap the sauce given for the steamboat.. Two sauces were given and they tasted brilliant.. Wanted to tapao them actually.. haha..

This is the fried rice with Tiger Prawn with huge head.. haha.. This dish was delicious as well.. Yummy... This comes with the set..

This is the noodle with grilled drumstick i think.. not really sure.. Dad ordered this for my bro as his birthday gift.. haha.. just kidding.. This was tasty as well...

Emm.. Happy Birthday Bro!.. Hope you enjoyed the meal.. ermm.. It's 12.. It's time to go to bed.. Need to wake up at 6am.. This could probably be the last post until after my final examination.. It's the final weel of the final semester and the final examination is around the corner.. hmm.. need to really fous in studies for these few weeks..

p/s: Might not have internet connection in my house in KL from this week onwards.. hmm..

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Extraordinary Positive Approach (Interesting)

Just read this e-mail sent by my friend and found it really interesting.. haha.. It's called the positive approach.. I like the moral of this story..

Father: I want you marry a girl of my choice.
Son : I will choose my own bride!!!
Father: But the girl is Bill Gate's daughter
Son : Well, in that case... OK!

Next day
Father approaches Bill Gates

Father : I have a husband for your daughter
Bill Gates : But my daughter is too young to marry!
Father : But this young man is a vice- president of the World Bank
Bill Gates : Ah, in that case... OK

Finally Father goes to see the president of the World Bank

Father : I have a young man to e recommended as a vice-president
President : But I already have more vice-presidents than I need!
Father : But this young man is Bill Gate's son-in-law
President : Ah, in that case.... OK!

This is how business is done!!

Moral: Even if you have nothing, you can get anything. But your attitude & approach should be positive.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Tired & Restless

It's Monday again.. It's the Monday on week 12 of studies.. Just sat for a test and submitted the draft for my thesis.. Have been really busy with the thesis on the whole saturday and almost the whole Sunday.. and on Sunday night, had revised for the test till mid-night.. Was hoping that I could score for the test to contribute more marks in the final.. Unfortunately, the test was somehow tough.. I don't know how was it for others but I couldn't answer almost all the questions.. hmm.. There were 3 quests and I do not know exactly how to answer all the three quests.. This is the first time that I've studied but couldn't answer the quests... hmmmm... Would probably get a 0 for this test..... It's not half or quarter... It's ZERO!!!!!............ Why???... hmm.. Being tired and restless, I still have to accept the fact that I have failed in this test.. Need to put in extra extra effort in the final..

No matter how sad I am, I still have to go through my daily life.. I really felt like avoiding everything now.. I do not want to face the world when I'm not ready to face it, when I'm tired and when I have probably lost my mind.. People are being judged and evaluated everyday in everything they do by everyone.. I do not want to be judged or perceived badly due to the mistakes that I may make when I'm tired.. Anyhow.................... It's impossible to do that, so......... just recover quickly, have a brand new day from the moment you wake up from your sleep and face the world positively and be nice to everyone... Remember!!!..... you're being watched and evaluated by the people around you!!!!.. haha..

- The tired me starts to crap again- hmm..

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Celine Dion - Pour que tu m'aimes encore

Celine Dion Pour que tu m'aimes encore

I've come upon this song from Celine Dion's live concert in Las Vegas... I don't know what the song meant.. It's a song in french and the melody is good.. It inspires you and give hope to lives... haha.. that kind of feel... feeling that you have hope again if you feel you are hopeless..

Hope this song will inspire those who had a hard and tired working day or for those who are stressed with studies.. With songs that are able to inspire you, life becomes more beautiful and meaningful and one will be more motivated to achieve a higher goal in ones' lives...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mixtures of emotions...

3 days away from my Final Year Project presentation.. and i've fallen ill.. hmmm.. lost my voice due to sore throat.. I hope I will recover before Friday so that I can present well on that day..

Really happy today after the photography session for graduation.. Took lots of pics with classmates as if we have already graduated.. haha.. Anticipating for that day but now we still have to continue with our studies for another 7 weeks including final examination before we are considered free.. At one point, I was imagining how crazy we will be when we have completed our exams..

Here's one of the photos of me.. haha. i prefer this photo than the one the camera man took.. that pic didn't look really nice and it will be played on the screen during graduation day.. haha.. Hope it looks better after they edit the photo..

Being happy and at the same time, felt down as well due to the sickness... I have to take medicines on time so that i can heal by friday.. the medicine made me really weak mentally and physically.. causing me to be not able to focus on the things that I want to do.. I still have two reports to do and there's the presentation that i need to prepare.. hmm.. quickly heal and get back to work!!!....

-I'll be graduating soon and my younger sis will start her college soon.. haha... All the best to you sis!!.. do your best!!...-

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Egoistic person.......

I've never met such person with such high levels of ego before.. If she's someone from higher authority or with higher power, I can still tolerate with that.. But with someone like her who has not achieved much in life, she shouldn't have ever been so egoistic.. What have you achieved in your life that has made you so proud of yourself?.. Thinking that whatever you do is always right and you have the best and absolute point of view?..

This person that I will not name her here has created a hatred situation in the laboratory last monday.. She's only a teaching assistant who helps to conduct the lab.. She was so pissed off ( I don't know why or maybe that's her characteristic).. that each and every single words she said have thorns in them.. The words she used were so mean and this directly shows that she's an arrogant and negative person..

She told us that she found out that we(the whole class) copied on the lab report.. Yeah.. So what if we copied each other?.. what's the big deal with that?.. Do you have to let us know that you noticed we copied each other?.. if it is really that necessary to let us know, please use some "proper" words instead of negative words like.. "Do you think i'm dumb enough to have not noticed that you guys have copied in the lab report?"... This shows how negative she is isn't it??... Hmmm... if you were so pissed off with that, just deduct the marks... hmmm... just to let you know... don't feel too proud with that as noticing us coping doesn't mean that you're not at all dumb.....

I just don't understand why certain people want to act that way making so many people disliking them.. There are so many beautiful words or should I say "proper or appropriate" words to use to construct your wordsssss... and why have you not use them instead?.. Why do you have to be so negative in every word you speak hurting everyone at the same time.. Does that make you feel better?.. hmm, i doubt that..

The more she speaks, the more I hated her.. you know why?.. every word she speaks is to let us know that she's good.. If you wanna feel proud of yourself, just do it by yourself.. you don't have to show people how great you are or how much ego you have.. If you're great in handling things, people will eventually noticed that..

Hmm.. I've forgotten most of the words she has said.. There were more terrible words that she has said.. I've forgotten those words.. Maybe because only people like her will remember those words and know how to use them.... All that I know now is that I dislike people like her who is so egoistic and is so proud of herself.....

Hmm.. Want you to know that if you were thinking of becoming a teacher, I would suggest you to re-consider it as you've terribly failed as a teaching assistant... and one more thing..... With that kind of attitude, you'll definitely not be able to go far in your life..... and don't ever consider being a leader in any groups/teams as you do not possess any single traits of an effective leader...

-Hmmmmmm.... don't care la, why let these type of people affect my life?... right??... Focus on my studies, that's the correct thing to do... But noticing that I've been really busy lately, I've kinda neglected my family and some of my friends.. hmm.. hope they understand my situation as this is my final semester.. want to try to do well as well for this final sem..-

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Middle Of Semester

Hmmmm... Have been very busy lately especially in the middle of the sem.. Few lab reports have to be handed in on the same day.. Have to sit for test almost every week.. Have to complete the assignment.. Have to prepare for the coming final year project presentation which is quite scary...... Lots of things to do and perhaps it's the most stressful sem out of the three years study.. probably it's because this is the final semester..

Busy with school work but at the same time friends and I were planning for our graduation trip. We've booked the air ticket to go to Bangkok after our final examination.. Woo hoo... quite excited bout the trip although not really happy that we pay almost the same amount of money to fly with air asia instead of MAS... haizzz... Anyhow, can't do anything bout that now, just hope that our bags do not exceed the weight limit and most importantly have a safe journey there..

Besides Bangkok, my other batch of friends which i'm closer with have also planned another trip to Redang.. and i'll be joining them too... $$$$$$... have to spend so much to go both places.. hmm... it's alright.. i always tell myself that I could hardly get a chance to travel with this batch of friends anymore after we've started working...

Hmmmm... That's all for this post........ Need to continue with my studies for the test on Monday.. :(

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I-City Shah Alam

Have you noticed a dozens of digital maple and pine light trees on a hill that delights your eyes when you drive along the Federal Highway? The hill is located behind the Sungai Rasau toll plaza.. If you don't have any clue on what I-city is, you can read more bout it here and here..

This is the masterplan for I-City scheduled for completion in 2015.. Do you think it will be completed by then??.... hmmm.. Let's wait and see..

Millions of LED lights brightened up the night and dozens of digital light trees made up a colourful fluorescence forest. The effect of the lights were so wonderful that you will go 'wow' the first time you see it and you will feel as tough you are in the world of "Avatar", in the scene with the fluorescence trees in the jungle.. Here are some of the pictures taken during the visit there:

this beautiful?.. It's a light wonderland....

The unicorn with the snowy backdrop..

I quite like this two pics.. Dunno why, maybe the colour

Taa daaa..... The sea of lightsssss....... Colourful Forest... Beautiful..

Panda with bamboo treesssss...

I'm not sure if the display will be there permanently or will be removed.. Let's hope not..
So have a visit there if you have a chance just in case they're going to remove it....

Friday, 19 February 2010

The Healing Power of Music

Have you realized that you put on your favourite song to put a smile on your face? And you will tend to put on a sad song when you feel down?.. Although music cannot keep us from getting our hearts broken or from feeling the pain of a loss or defeat, it does have the to power to help us get through these tough times.

I believe that we are actually emotionally charged by music. In fact, different musics suit different emotion you have at that moment. This simply means that you will not want to listen to rock songs when you're down.

In fact, when you're in love, every love song seems like it's being sung for you. And the opposite is also true, when you find yourself with a broken heart you find that every song you relate to is a song about being broken hearted.

I personally have songs that will uplift my spirits and songs that I will listen to when I'm happy. I have also times where I just feel sad and this is the time when I will put on some sad songs. I don't know how much this applies to you but music does have a healing power and thus has been used by therapies to relieve stress and pain through music therapy.

Being sad and stress at the moment with school work and etc etc etc........ I've been playing this song over and over again.. Although the song is in kadazan dusun language and I don't understand the meaning... haha.. the melody of the song is slow and sad.. I remember that I've read it somewhere that this song was written by linda with her dad when her dad was stil ill.. Before having the chance to launch her album and dedicate the song to her dad, her dad passed away.. And coincidently, the song was about a person who asked his loved one not to cry if he has to leave her one day and it happened that her dad leaved her.. That left quite a deep emotion for linda and she almost cried when she performed this song during her album promo.. hmm..

This has caused me to be more emotional too when I listen to this song.. Here's the song,

Upus Tolidang by Linda Nanuwil singing live and the bottom video is the album version..

Emmm.. Time as well will help to heallllllll.......

Thursday, 18 February 2010

First and Second day of CNY (Thean Hou & Dong Zen Temple)

As usual on the 1st day of cny,my family will go to the temple in the morning to do little bit of prayers and there'll be an open house where all my relatives will be here at my house.. Some of my relatives we only meet once a year so we have nothing much to talk about.. It's kinda sad as we're somehow related but there's a gap.. Anyhow, received quite a number of ang pow.. haha.. Ermm.. Relatives and dad's friends were here till around 7pm.. and dat's all for the first day.

On the second day, we made a visit to aunt's house and around 4pm we left for the Thean Hou temple (don't know if i spelled it correctly).. haha.. The deco there were same like usual but there were lesser people compared to the last few years..

The Thean Hou temple with its usual decoration

After about an hour there, dad decided to drive us to the
Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom.. The temple there were beautifully decorated with lights and lanterns and the place were terribly crowded.. Here are some of the pics:

This does look a little like Astro Boy to me... haha.. :X

Tiring but a wonderful day with family.. Visited I-City in Shah Alam on the 3rd day.. Will post some pics in the next post..

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Preparation for Chinese New Year..

Having only 1 week away from CNY, most of the people who celebrate CNY should have already started cleaning up their houses, baked some cookies, bought their new pair of clothes and decorated their houses.

I came back home from KL this weekend to help clean up the house and also to prepare some cookies.. haha.. So what were the house cleaning task that I've done??.. errrmmmmm.... The very first task was polishing the sofa which took me quite a long time as it was quite heavily covered with stains..

Next, i've helped to paint the floor.. yes, it's the floor, not the wall.. haha.. My car porch floor is not covered with tiles, it's those decorated coloured cement, thus with some transparent shinny paint, it made it looked new again. The next location was my room, I didn't do much cleaning.. Just wiped the stains on the wall.. That's all I've done.. haha. I believe there are more to do in the coming weekend..

eheemm. Let's move to some delicious cookies that I've helped my mom to prepare. It's called the Chocolate Cornflakes cookies. Here are some pictures during the preparation.. It looked quite yucky.. haha.. Anyhow, they tasted really good.. yum yum..

It's not a colony of ants...... It's a huge number of tiny tiny cookies..

Here's how it looked like after packaging.. wah... looked like they can be sold to the supermarket ya?.. haha..

After the tiring cookie session, I had an apple and only I realized that my mom had bought a quite interesting device.. haha.. Here's a pic to feed your curiosity.. haha..

Does the apple looked more delicious?.. hahaha.. yummmy... It looked really well presented ya.. looked nice and pretty..

I don't know what's the name to that piece of thing.. i would name it the special magic apple cutter.. haha..

Monday, 1 February 2010

A mixture of everything

Having only 2 weeks away from Chinese year means that I have only 2 more weeks to complete my thesis.. hmmmm... Wanted to complete it before CNY because mid-term and assignments will all come together right after CNY and i'll have to spend most of the time revising and have no time to finish up my thesis.. hmmm.. Why am I still procrastinating?.. I'll give all sorts of excuses in order to escape from doing my thesis.. Arghh... Super lazy.. In need of some motivation.. haha..

The coming week will be the 3rd week of my semester.. 3rd week attending all lectures and what have I learnt so far?.. hmm.. some subjects seems to be interesting but there are lots to memorise for exams.. i think 3 out of 4 subjects require lots of memorising.. There are 2 assignments to be done.. 1 to be passed up before CNY and 1 more probably 2 weeks after CNY.. And on the 3rd of March will be the photograph session for the graduating students.. ermm.. hope I don't look too fat after CNY (you know, lots of nice food to eat during CNY.. haha)

ermm.. Got most of my salary for my part time job but I've spent almost half of it.. haha.. Mostly spent for personal stuffs.... and for friends' birthday gifts itself has cost around RM200.. Several birthdays in the month of Dec and Jan and Feb.. spend spend spend for outing, gifts, food, clothes.. hmm... Let's hope for a big big ang pow this year.. haha..

Justin Henin Hardenne, the former world number 1 has returned from retirement.. and I watched her match in the final for Australia Open against Serena Williams last night.. She was still good even after a year of retirement.. Although she didn't win, I enjoyed the match quite a lot as she was doing really good in her second match.. Maybe she's still a little rusty after retirement, maybe few more matches will brush her up and she'll be ready for a better match..

Friday, 15 January 2010

Back To School!!.. Final Semester is starting soon..

Will be back to university again after a long 3 months break.. Need to be able to cope and adapt to the uni life again very quickly.. ermm.. I'm still worried bout my final year project Thesis which has not been completed yet.. I'm worried but I'm not doing things.. Why am I so lazy?.. Most of my friends have almost done but I'm still doing nothing.. hmmmm... I told myself that I must finish bout 70 to 80 percent of it before going back to university again but...... haizz..

Due to the procrastination, I have to be extra hardworking next sem to study the new syllabus and to be busy with the thesis at the same time..-Be more hardwoking CV!!!.. It's the last semester!!-

The name of the new subjects sound pretty tough.. and we were told by our seniors and some lecturers that there will be a killer subject for this sem which is : INDUSTRIAL ORGANIC AND NATURAL PRODUCTS CHEMISTRY

Let's hope we can all sail through safely and don't drown at this very last semester!!.. Pray Pray..

Okeee... Need to pack my stuffs and wash my pencil case and bag to face the new semester with a brand new hope.. haha.. I also hope that I will continue blogging if I have the time or else the blog will be dead again until I completed this semester.. haha.. There's a trend if you noticed.. Everytime I started new sem, the blog will be dead until I have my semester break.. haha..

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Adam Lambert's new album + Some Art Production

Who's this artist?.. He's Adam Lambert from American Idol if you don't know him..

Shocked to see his album cover?.. haha.. I was shocked when I saw the album cover for the first time as he looks a little like Boy George.. The cover looks gay to me.. Although he is gay, you shouldn't underestimate or look down on him.. You should have a listen to all his songs from his new album, For Your Entertainment.. Some songs were really great!!.. I don't think there's any other male singer who can sing as high as he does.. Some of my favourites are Music Again, Whataya Want From Me, Sure Fire Winner, Aftermath, Fever, Pick U Up, Time For Miracles (OST for 2012 movie) and If I Had You..

Whataya Want From Me.. My favourite of the favourites.. haha..

Sure Fire Winner.. Superb..

My brother loves his songs so much that he could repeat the album for more than 10 times a day.. The songs keep repeating in my head even when I was sleeping.. haha.. He asked me to produce a CD cover for him.. Not printing, but to draw and colour.. haha.. Since I have free time (not so free actually, just escaping from reading all the journals for my thesis.. haha..), I drew and colour a human face for the very first time.. I've never drawn a person's face in detail like this before. so I trieddddd and this is the outcome.. haha..

Not too nice, but I've tried my best.. It looks quite alike when you have a quick glance.. Looks weird when you look in detail.. haha.. Mind the quality as I coloured it with colour pencils and limited choices of colours.. My fingers sore after colouring for hours... Ermmm... Quite happy with the outcome but it still doesn't look much like him.. haha.. The picture looks better in real and not so good when I snapped it and open it with com.. dunno why..

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Ermm.. Not praising myself, I'm only good in colouring and quite bad at drawing actually.. Thus, Adam's chin becomes crooked and his face becomes slimmer in the picture.. haha.. Hope I can improve in my drawing..

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 & Genting Trip with secondary schoolmates

Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010!!.. Happy New Year!!!.. and Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!... Celebrated my mom's birthday at a chinese restaurant yesterday with my family members.. Really glad that my mom enjoyed it much..

Ermmm.... 2010

What do I wish to achieve in year 2010?

- Get better grades in studies for my last semester

- Be able to get a good job after I graduate and have good careers ahead

- Have a great graduation trip (preferably overseas.. haha)

- Gain around 3-5 more kg… (hopefully muscles, NOT fats).. hahaha..

- Be more independent and more motivated to learn new things

- And many moreeeeee….

Ermmm.. one more…. Go back genting and win back my RM50 I lost in the casino last few days.. haizzz….

Moneyyyy...... Don't fly.... hmmmm.. RM50 flew for nothing..

And of course to win additional money.. hahahaha.. Went Genting for a one day trip on the 29th with my secondary schoolmates for jalan-jalan and gamble.. As I’ve only turned 21 this year and has not been into the casino before, so I joined them to the casino..

So how does the casino look like?.. Went to the one in Highlands Hotel, quite classy with few gigantic chandeliers.. Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of people even though it is during the weekdays.. One thing that I don’t like about the place is that smoking is allowed there.. The place was so stuffy with smokes and I was wondering how the workers and croupiers survive in there being a second hand smoker..

I looked around the casino for games with minimum bet of RM5.. haha.. I played a few games like the Three Kings and few more, I don’t know remember the name.. I won at the beginning but later start losing little by little till I lose all my RM50.. ARgghhh… I thought first timer should be very lucky and can win some money?... hmmm.. anyhow, it was a nice experience in the casino..

Here are some pics with my friends.. KY, JH and ST(I guess they don't want to be named here)