Monday, 5 April 2010

Tired & Restless

It's Monday again.. It's the Monday on week 12 of studies.. Just sat for a test and submitted the draft for my thesis.. Have been really busy with the thesis on the whole saturday and almost the whole Sunday.. and on Sunday night, had revised for the test till mid-night.. Was hoping that I could score for the test to contribute more marks in the final.. Unfortunately, the test was somehow tough.. I don't know how was it for others but I couldn't answer almost all the questions.. hmm.. There were 3 quests and I do not know exactly how to answer all the three quests.. This is the first time that I've studied but couldn't answer the quests... hmmmm... Would probably get a 0 for this test..... It's not half or quarter... It's ZERO!!!!!............ Why???... hmm.. Being tired and restless, I still have to accept the fact that I have failed in this test.. Need to put in extra extra effort in the final..

No matter how sad I am, I still have to go through my daily life.. I really felt like avoiding everything now.. I do not want to face the world when I'm not ready to face it, when I'm tired and when I have probably lost my mind.. People are being judged and evaluated everyday in everything they do by everyone.. I do not want to be judged or perceived badly due to the mistakes that I may make when I'm tired.. Anyhow.................... It's impossible to do that, so......... just recover quickly, have a brand new day from the moment you wake up from your sleep and face the world positively and be nice to everyone... Remember!!!..... you're being watched and evaluated by the people around you!!!!.. haha..

- The tired me starts to crap again- hmm..


yrret said...

hei are not the only one also die 'gao gao' this time lo...haiz..

yrret said...
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