Monday, 26 July 2010

Proper communication is the key to a good relationship

A proper communication refers to the interaction between two people where both fully understand what one was saying and give an honest response. Not just by merely listening and give a less satisfactory answer. Due to the distraction in the environment and due to the stress each person has, one has failed to concentrate and fully understand what the others was saying and thus leading to a less effective communication.

Besides that, people tend to judge you and by that first impression they have on you, they'll talk to you differently than to other person. For instance, if appearance is something that a person consider before making friends and they find you less attractive, they'll tend to talk to you lesser or I would say in a bad way. If anyone of you has experienced this before, I would suggest you not to continue communicating with that person. There are lots more nourishing people out there, why throw yourself to noxious people like them which would hurt you and make you feel bad about yourself. This is another example of bad communication. And one more thing, stop being sarcastic. It's not funny... Be sarcastic only when someone try to shoot you directly.

In order to have a good communication, listen when others talk to you. Listen and not just hearing. Listen and fully understand what they mean and give a good response. And of course, it takes two to make a communication successful. The response should be received by the sender of the message and he or she should give a response in return and this is how communication continues. I should always practice this as well although it's something not too easy to do.. haha..

But it's a fact that with proper communication, a good relationship could be established.
Imagine friends who don't talk to each other when they go out together, are they friends??..

Imagine family members who don't talk to each other, there must be some problem there and something should be done..

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