Friday, 15 January 2010

Back To School!!.. Final Semester is starting soon..

Will be back to university again after a long 3 months break.. Need to be able to cope and adapt to the uni life again very quickly.. ermm.. I'm still worried bout my final year project Thesis which has not been completed yet.. I'm worried but I'm not doing things.. Why am I so lazy?.. Most of my friends have almost done but I'm still doing nothing.. hmmmm... I told myself that I must finish bout 70 to 80 percent of it before going back to university again but...... haizz..

Due to the procrastination, I have to be extra hardworking next sem to study the new syllabus and to be busy with the thesis at the same time..-Be more hardwoking CV!!!.. It's the last semester!!-

The name of the new subjects sound pretty tough.. and we were told by our seniors and some lecturers that there will be a killer subject for this sem which is : INDUSTRIAL ORGANIC AND NATURAL PRODUCTS CHEMISTRY

Let's hope we can all sail through safely and don't drown at this very last semester!!.. Pray Pray..

Okeee... Need to pack my stuffs and wash my pencil case and bag to face the new semester with a brand new hope.. haha.. I also hope that I will continue blogging if I have the time or else the blog will be dead again until I completed this semester.. haha.. There's a trend if you noticed.. Everytime I started new sem, the blog will be dead until I have my semester break.. haha..