Monday, 1 February 2010

A mixture of everything

Having only 2 weeks away from Chinese year means that I have only 2 more weeks to complete my thesis.. hmmmm... Wanted to complete it before CNY because mid-term and assignments will all come together right after CNY and i'll have to spend most of the time revising and have no time to finish up my thesis.. hmmm.. Why am I still procrastinating?.. I'll give all sorts of excuses in order to escape from doing my thesis.. Arghh... Super lazy.. In need of some motivation.. haha..

The coming week will be the 3rd week of my semester.. 3rd week attending all lectures and what have I learnt so far?.. hmm.. some subjects seems to be interesting but there are lots to memorise for exams.. i think 3 out of 4 subjects require lots of memorising.. There are 2 assignments to be done.. 1 to be passed up before CNY and 1 more probably 2 weeks after CNY.. And on the 3rd of March will be the photograph session for the graduating students.. ermm.. hope I don't look too fat after CNY (you know, lots of nice food to eat during CNY.. haha)

ermm.. Got most of my salary for my part time job but I've spent almost half of it.. haha.. Mostly spent for personal stuffs.... and for friends' birthday gifts itself has cost around RM200.. Several birthdays in the month of Dec and Jan and Feb.. spend spend spend for outing, gifts, food, clothes.. hmm... Let's hope for a big big ang pow this year.. haha..

Justin Henin Hardenne, the former world number 1 has returned from retirement.. and I watched her match in the final for Australia Open against Serena Williams last night.. She was still good even after a year of retirement.. Although she didn't win, I enjoyed the match quite a lot as she was doing really good in her second match.. Maybe she's still a little rusty after retirement, maybe few more matches will brush her up and she'll be ready for a better match..