Sunday, 7 February 2010

Preparation for Chinese New Year..

Having only 1 week away from CNY, most of the people who celebrate CNY should have already started cleaning up their houses, baked some cookies, bought their new pair of clothes and decorated their houses.

I came back home from KL this weekend to help clean up the house and also to prepare some cookies.. haha.. So what were the house cleaning task that I've done??.. errrmmmmm.... The very first task was polishing the sofa which took me quite a long time as it was quite heavily covered with stains..

Next, i've helped to paint the floor.. yes, it's the floor, not the wall.. haha.. My car porch floor is not covered with tiles, it's those decorated coloured cement, thus with some transparent shinny paint, it made it looked new again. The next location was my room, I didn't do much cleaning.. Just wiped the stains on the wall.. That's all I've done.. haha. I believe there are more to do in the coming weekend..

eheemm. Let's move to some delicious cookies that I've helped my mom to prepare. It's called the Chocolate Cornflakes cookies. Here are some pictures during the preparation.. It looked quite yucky.. haha.. Anyhow, they tasted really good.. yum yum..

It's not a colony of ants...... It's a huge number of tiny tiny cookies..

Here's how it looked like after packaging.. wah... looked like they can be sold to the supermarket ya?.. haha..

After the tiring cookie session, I had an apple and only I realized that my mom had bought a quite interesting device.. haha.. Here's a pic to feed your curiosity.. haha..

Does the apple looked more delicious?.. hahaha.. yummmy... It looked really well presented ya.. looked nice and pretty..

I don't know what's the name to that piece of thing.. i would name it the special magic apple cutter.. haha..