Saturday, 20 February 2010

I-City Shah Alam

Have you noticed a dozens of digital maple and pine light trees on a hill that delights your eyes when you drive along the Federal Highway? The hill is located behind the Sungai Rasau toll plaza.. If you don't have any clue on what I-city is, you can read more bout it here and here..

This is the masterplan for I-City scheduled for completion in 2015.. Do you think it will be completed by then??.... hmmm.. Let's wait and see..

Millions of LED lights brightened up the night and dozens of digital light trees made up a colourful fluorescence forest. The effect of the lights were so wonderful that you will go 'wow' the first time you see it and you will feel as tough you are in the world of "Avatar", in the scene with the fluorescence trees in the jungle.. Here are some of the pictures taken during the visit there:

this beautiful?.. It's a light wonderland....

The unicorn with the snowy backdrop..

I quite like this two pics.. Dunno why, maybe the colour

Taa daaa..... The sea of lightsssss....... Colourful Forest... Beautiful..

Panda with bamboo treesssss...

I'm not sure if the display will be there permanently or will be removed.. Let's hope not..
So have a visit there if you have a chance just in case they're going to remove it....

Friday, 19 February 2010

The Healing Power of Music

Have you realized that you put on your favourite song to put a smile on your face? And you will tend to put on a sad song when you feel down?.. Although music cannot keep us from getting our hearts broken or from feeling the pain of a loss or defeat, it does have the to power to help us get through these tough times.

I believe that we are actually emotionally charged by music. In fact, different musics suit different emotion you have at that moment. This simply means that you will not want to listen to rock songs when you're down.

In fact, when you're in love, every love song seems like it's being sung for you. And the opposite is also true, when you find yourself with a broken heart you find that every song you relate to is a song about being broken hearted.

I personally have songs that will uplift my spirits and songs that I will listen to when I'm happy. I have also times where I just feel sad and this is the time when I will put on some sad songs. I don't know how much this applies to you but music does have a healing power and thus has been used by therapies to relieve stress and pain through music therapy.

Being sad and stress at the moment with school work and etc etc etc........ I've been playing this song over and over again.. Although the song is in kadazan dusun language and I don't understand the meaning... haha.. the melody of the song is slow and sad.. I remember that I've read it somewhere that this song was written by linda with her dad when her dad was stil ill.. Before having the chance to launch her album and dedicate the song to her dad, her dad passed away.. And coincidently, the song was about a person who asked his loved one not to cry if he has to leave her one day and it happened that her dad leaved her.. That left quite a deep emotion for linda and she almost cried when she performed this song during her album promo.. hmm..

This has caused me to be more emotional too when I listen to this song.. Here's the song,

Upus Tolidang by Linda Nanuwil singing live and the bottom video is the album version..

Emmm.. Time as well will help to heallllllll.......

Thursday, 18 February 2010

First and Second day of CNY (Thean Hou & Dong Zen Temple)

As usual on the 1st day of cny,my family will go to the temple in the morning to do little bit of prayers and there'll be an open house where all my relatives will be here at my house.. Some of my relatives we only meet once a year so we have nothing much to talk about.. It's kinda sad as we're somehow related but there's a gap.. Anyhow, received quite a number of ang pow.. haha.. Ermm.. Relatives and dad's friends were here till around 7pm.. and dat's all for the first day.

On the second day, we made a visit to aunt's house and around 4pm we left for the Thean Hou temple (don't know if i spelled it correctly).. haha.. The deco there were same like usual but there were lesser people compared to the last few years..

The Thean Hou temple with its usual decoration

After about an hour there, dad decided to drive us to the
Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom.. The temple there were beautifully decorated with lights and lanterns and the place were terribly crowded.. Here are some of the pics:

This does look a little like Astro Boy to me... haha.. :X

Tiring but a wonderful day with family.. Visited I-City in Shah Alam on the 3rd day.. Will post some pics in the next post..