Saturday, 13 March 2010

Middle Of Semester

Hmmmm... Have been very busy lately especially in the middle of the sem.. Few lab reports have to be handed in on the same day.. Have to sit for test almost every week.. Have to complete the assignment.. Have to prepare for the coming final year project presentation which is quite scary...... Lots of things to do and perhaps it's the most stressful sem out of the three years study.. probably it's because this is the final semester..

Busy with school work but at the same time friends and I were planning for our graduation trip. We've booked the air ticket to go to Bangkok after our final examination.. Woo hoo... quite excited bout the trip although not really happy that we pay almost the same amount of money to fly with air asia instead of MAS... haizzz... Anyhow, can't do anything bout that now, just hope that our bags do not exceed the weight limit and most importantly have a safe journey there..

Besides Bangkok, my other batch of friends which i'm closer with have also planned another trip to Redang.. and i'll be joining them too... $$$$$$... have to spend so much to go both places.. hmm... it's alright.. i always tell myself that I could hardly get a chance to travel with this batch of friends anymore after we've started working...

Hmmmm... That's all for this post........ Need to continue with my studies for the test on Monday.. :(