Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mixtures of emotions...

3 days away from my Final Year Project presentation.. and i've fallen ill.. hmmm.. lost my voice due to sore throat.. I hope I will recover before Friday so that I can present well on that day..

Really happy today after the photography session for graduation.. Took lots of pics with classmates as if we have already graduated.. haha.. Anticipating for that day but now we still have to continue with our studies for another 7 weeks including final examination before we are considered free.. At one point, I was imagining how crazy we will be when we have completed our exams..

Here's one of the photos of me.. haha. i prefer this photo than the one the camera man took.. that pic didn't look really nice and it will be played on the screen during graduation day.. haha.. Hope it looks better after they edit the photo..

Being happy and at the same time, felt down as well due to the sickness... I have to take medicines on time so that i can heal by friday.. the medicine made me really weak mentally and physically.. causing me to be not able to focus on the things that I want to do.. I still have two reports to do and there's the presentation that i need to prepare.. hmm.. quickly heal and get back to work!!!....

-I'll be graduating soon and my younger sis will start her college soon.. haha... All the best to you sis!!.. do your best!!...-