Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dinner At Boston Restaurant, Aeon Bukit Tinggi

Celebrated my younger bro's birthday at Boston Restaurant... Happy Birthday Bro!!.. This is the first time I have been there.. I have no idea on what the restaurant will offer.. My parents have been there before and they told me that it's a restaurant offering steamboat and some other food.. The restaurant were usually quiet and we thought the food will be normal or bad in taste.. Surprisingly, the food were good.. We chose the set for 6 and we get to choose the soup we want with the addition of RM1 for each person.. So we chose tom yam, hot and spicy and herbal soup..

What is so special bout this restaurant which offers steamboat?.. Each of us gets our own pot where we can cook on our own.. The soup you asked for are freshly made.. And the ingredients were fresh.. The toufu were so smooth that you can't describe.. haha.. The chicken slices were nice as well and I liked the fishball with meat.. Here are some pics:

We were given the usual soup initially, so this the tom yam I asked for.. I have to mix it into the soup to prepare the tom yam soup..

Here's the result.. haha.. It tasted really good from the fresh ingredient...

Each of us has our own pot in which we can adjust the heat at the side of the table..

The set comes with fried popiah and....

Fried wantan which tasted alright.. Forgot to snap the sauce given for the steamboat.. Two sauces were given and they tasted brilliant.. Wanted to tapao them actually.. haha..

This is the fried rice with Tiger Prawn with huge head.. haha.. This dish was delicious as well.. Yummy... This comes with the set..

This is the noodle with grilled drumstick i think.. not really sure.. Dad ordered this for my bro as his birthday gift.. haha.. just kidding.. This was tasty as well...

Emm.. Happy Birthday Bro!.. Hope you enjoyed the meal.. ermm.. It's 12.. It's time to go to bed.. Need to wake up at 6am.. This could probably be the last post until after my final examination.. It's the final weel of the final semester and the final examination is around the corner.. hmm.. need to really fous in studies for these few weeks..

p/s: Might not have internet connection in my house in KL from this week onwards.. hmm..